Installation view of solo exhibition    Reverse Subterrestrial    at The Chimney NYC, Brooklyn (2017)
 Ningen Kokuho (2008)  Installation view at   10th SONSBEEK  , Arnhem, The Netherlands  H132" x W228" x L144", steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plexi glass, animal bones, resin mounted fish skin, fabric
 Printed Oxidation and Indigo Blue on Fiber Relief II   (2019)  Width 135” x Depth 5” x Length 14”, steel wire, steel rust and indigofera on boiled and beaten mulberry bark (kozo) and cotton
  Homo-apparatus (2015)    08:11 min. color two-channel    In this 2-channels video, the tattoo symbolizes human's attempt at mastering nature that exists in a state beyond being human body. The actress channels and enlarges a drawing of fish and water, sculpts her own likeness, Janus-head like onto an inanimate body. The artist's subject here is a representation of continuous living and remolding the given materiality of this world.