Installation view of solo exhibition   Reverse Subterrestrial   at The Chimney NYC, Brooklyn (2017)   
  Printed Oxidation on Fiber Relief IV (2015)    W83" x L124", steel rust and copper corrosion on boiled and beaten abaca bark, cotton linter and mulberry bark   The series of Printed Oxidation on Fiber Relief is a handmade-paper with beaten mulberry barks and cotton linters, into casted relief forms after it has absorbed patinas from wood stains, plants, mold, rusted steel and corroded copper sourced from the artist's industrial sculpture process.
  Parthenogenesis (2011)    09:02 min. color three-channel    The activation of inanimate matter and its attendant subject, individual creation, is as tangible and abstract a material as clay in the actor’s hands. The theme of individual definition is re-iterated with disembodied faces, masks, visages in an organic construction growing from the hair of one female, a question for anthropocentric view of the world and what appears to be a broad historical precedent and animism.