Urethane Flower on Steel Stem Clad with Foam (2013)  H91" x W110" x L67", steel, polyurethane resin, epoxy clay, burnt and varnished styrofoam
  Printed Oxidation and Fiber Relief on Wall and Ceilings I  (2018)  Width 126” x Depth 4” x Length 17”, steel wire, steel rust and copper corrosion on boiled and beaten mulberry bark (kozo), cotton and abaca
  Parthenogenesis (2011)    09:02 min. color three-channel    The activation of inanimate matter and its attendant subject, individual creation, is as tangible and abstract a material as clay in the actor’s hands. The theme of individual definition is re-iterated with disembodied faces, masks, visages in an organic construction growing from the hair of one female, a question for anthropocentric view of the world and what appears to be a broad historical precedent and animism.