Homo-apparatus (2015)

08:11 min. color two-channel

In this 2-channels video, the tattoo symbolizes human's attempt at mastering nature that exists in a state beyond being human body. The actress channels and enlarges a drawing of fish and water, sculpts her own likeness, Janus-head like onto an inanimate body. The artist's subject here is a representation of continuous living and remolding the given materiality of this world.


Parthenogenesis (2011)

09:02 min. color three-channel

The activation of inanimate matter and its attendant subject, individual creation, is as tangible and abstract a material as clay in the actor’s hands. The theme of individual definition is re-iterated with disembodied faces, masks, visages in an organic construction growing from the hair of one female, a question for anthropocentric view of the world and what appears to be a broad historical precedent and animism.



Testosterone (2012)

03:00 min. color single-channel

At first, the firework hosted by the local summer festival in Yorii-village of Tokyo, was recorded as a souvenir of the artist's travels, with nothing but her curiosity for the experience and the observation. The inspiration of making this video was brought by the mumbling of a young local boy; “whoa, it's like bombs in the war. Pretty.”. The images of both peaceful and disastrous human innovations are soon to become entwined in this video which the artist feels that gives us a tangible complexity in an abstract environment. A gaze not just resting on an immediate socio-political justice, but also the question to go further on the broader view of humanity that portraits the brain's chemicals, allowing us to push and see wise reflectors of other's past mistakes while constantly looking for new excitement in a risk of blessing that begets unforeseen events.


Haisho no Tsuki (2007)

06:16 min. color three-channel

This triptych video Haisho No Tsuki (“To see the Moon in Exile” in Japanese) by the artist shows images that recall Shinto rituals, featuring herself in the leading role. For all their beauty, these rituals – originally intended to ward off natural spirits or to assuage the forces of nature – verge on the absurd. 


Clinical Legend (2009)

05:44 min. color single-channel

Two actors symbolize an iconic masculine/feminine duality. The incidental beauty and connection in their exchange, literalized as they converse over subject- a play of union and beauty between two poles of energy which begets material movement and creation.